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Criterion 3

Criterion III

Research and Outreach Activities

3.1- Resource Mobilisation for Research

3.1.1 Average number of research projects funded by government and/ or non-government agencies during the last five years


3.1.2 Average grants received for research projects from government and / or non-government agencies during the last five years (INR in Lakhs)


3.1.3 In-house support is provided by the institution to teachers for research purposes
during the last five years in the form of

1.Seed money for doctoral studies / research projects
2. Granting study leave for research field work
3. Undertaking appraisals of institutional functioning and documentation
4. Facilitating research by providing organizational supports
5. Organizing research circle / internal seminar / interactive session on research


3.1.4 Institution has created an eco-system for innovation and other initiatives for creation
and transfer of knowledge that include

1. Participative efforts (brain storming, think tank etc.) to identify possible and needed
2. Encouragement to novel ideas
3. Official approval and support for innovative try-outs
4. Material and procedural supports


3.2- Research Publications

3.2.1 Average number of research papers / articles per teacher published in Journals
notified on UGC website during the last five years


3.2.2 Average number of books and / or chapters in edited books published and papers in
National / International conference-proceedings per teacher during the last five years


3.3 –Outreach Activities

3.3.1 Average number of outreach activities organized by the institution during the last five


3.3.2 Percentage of students participating in outreach activities organized by the institution
during the last five years


3.3.3 Percentage of student participation in national priority programmes such as Swachh
Bharat, AIDs awareness, Gender sensitivity, Yoga, Digital India, National Water Mission
during the last five years


3.3.4 Outreach activities in the community in terms of influencing and sensitizing students
to social issues and contribute to community development


3.3.5 Number of awards and honours received for outreach activities from government /
recognized agency during the last five years


3.4 Collaboration and Linkages

3.4.1 Average number of linkages for Faculty exchange, Student exchange, research etc.
during the last five years


3.4.2 Functional MoUs with institutions of National and / or International importance,
other universities, industries, corporate houses etc. during the last five years


3.4.3 Institution has linkages with schools and other educational agencies for both
academic and outreach activities and jointly organizes

1. Local community based activities
2. Practice teaching /internship in schools
3. Organizes events of mutual interest- literary, cultural and open discussions on
pertinent themes to school education
4. Discern ways to strengthen school based practice through joint discussions and
5. Join hands with schools in identifying areas for innovative practice
6. Rehabilitation Clinics
7. Linkages with general colleges