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Dnyan Ganga Education Trust’s College of Education `{`B.ED.`}` has a Zero Tolerance Policy towards ragging.

Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited within the premises of college. The College has constituted Anti-Ragging Committee headed by the Head of the Institution, and a diverse mix of faculty, students and non-teaching staff` to avoid any form of conflict that could take the ugly form of ragging. Anti-Ragging Committee is the Supervisory and Advisory Committee for Preserving a Culture of a Ragging-Free Environment on the college Campus. Anti-Ragging Committee is involved in designing strategies and action plans for curbing the Menace of Ragging in the college by adopting an array of activities.

Following are the Information Education Communication (IEC) Guidelines for Councils, Universities & Colleges given by UGC.

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The main objectives of this committee are as follows:

  • To prohibit any conduct by any student or students whether by words spoken or written or by an act which has the effect of teasing, treating or
    handling with rudeness a fresher or any other student.
  • To keep a constant cycle and vigilance over ragging so as to prevents its occurrence.
  • To address any ragging issues immediately and taken action as advised by the committee.
  • To bring awareness among the students about the ill effects of ragging, its impact on human life, and the consequences of involvement in the act of ragging.
  • To receive the complaints and resolve them through the committee.
  • Too promptly and stringently deal with the incidents of ragging brought to our notice.
  • To generate an atmosphere of discipline by sending a clear message that no act of ragging shall be tolerated and any act of ragging shall not go unnoticed and unpunished.

Duties of the committee:

A written complaint has to be submitted to the Anti-Ragging Committee, describing the ragging instance completely with date, time and place of happening.
The complaint should contain the identity of the complainant and the identity of the alleged.
The complainant should submit the complaint in person to any of the Anti-Ragging Committee members.
The confidentiality of the complainant and any other applicable issues shall be maintained.

Punishment to those found guilty:

Any student or group of students found guilty of ragging in the campus or even outside the campus shall be liable to one or more of the following punishments.

  1. Debarring from appearing in any sessional test/ University Examination.
  2. Suspension from attending classes and academic privileges.
  3. Withdrawing scholarships and other benefits.
  4. Suspension from the college.
  5. Cancellation of the admission.
  6. Withholding the results.

Composition of the college Anti-Ragging Committee:


1 Dr. Swapna Khairnar I/c Principal Chairperson
2 Asst. Prof. Dr.Kavita Kamble Faculty Member Co-ordinator
3 Asst. Prof. Ms.Dhanashree Repal Faculty Member
4 Asst. Prof. Ms.Purnima Bhattacharya Faculty Member
5 Mr.Rajan Sawant Admininstrative Non-teaching Staff
6 Ms.Sarita Bhatt Student representative